It’s that time of year when we raise a glass to the fantastic women behind eclectica. #iwd2021

Firstly it’s YOU our awesome eclecticats, but we couldn’t entice you through the door without the brilliant brands we stock, many of whom have women at the helm, here are just a few we’d like to share with you…

Left to right, top to bottom…

The brilliant Boom Shankar, a fabulous Australian brand headed up by Dui who continues to do the design. We’ve been stocking Boom Shankar since we first threw the dogs open in 2016. Their amazing Rosanna wrap-around skirt continue to be a huge hit with you all.

With the designs of Deniz Gurdal all that glitters is indeed gold! Ottoman Hands jewellery exhibits modern design aesthetics, whilst remaining loyal to the beauty of ancient Ottoman jewellery making traditions. These designs have a firm fab base here in eclectica.

The cards by ace illustrator Angela Chick always raise a smile when the rack is twirled, and we think it’s safe to say that she’s probably made a card for EVERY occasion. We especially love her ones for those awkward times where you want to say something, but don’t quite know what – Angela has that figured out for you.

Anthea Kitching heads-up Kitchy & Co, whose affinity for her animals shines through her photography, and we know she has quite the fan base here in eclectica for her cards that show the funnier side to farming.

Is it art or a scarf? With the creations of Nicola Haigh it can be BOTH! This talented woman paints onto silk, which she then turns into does that make you a walking piece of art?!

The lovely Lynn is designer, maker behind Unearthed by Lynn. Her pottery shard pieces (all found here in Ludlow) continue to delight visitors and locals alike. There is something remarkably special about wearing a one-off piece that has it’s own story.

Another eclectica original is the jewellery by Israeli artist Ayala Bar. These pieces are beautiful; statement pieces that are sure to be family heirlooms, but not so bonkers that they can’t be worn everyday!

Janes’ family history is well steeped in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter. However not content to produce ‘pretty pieces’ Jane cut her own path designing contemporary statement pieces and has continued to do so ever since. Both Jode’s and Vicki can be found rocking her BodyBangle bling rings!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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