We had a customer in t’other day who was somewhat enamoured of one of our Desigual dresses, but popped it back on the rail saying “that’ll be lovely when its nice and hot but I need something for now”

I replied, with “but no, don’t pop it back without trying it as that’s an absolutely brilliant transitional piece.”

and the look I got was ‘What you talking about Willis?!’

…and so it got me thinking about some of the fashion jargon out there from the more widely understood ‘LBD’ to the more specific clothing terms like peplum and how utterly confusing they are most of the time – not least because they are often utterly fad driven.

So, back to transitional piece – this is basically any bit of clothing that will take you through that difficult change in seasons. Vicki and I appreciate that spending £80 on a frock is a considered purchase, and we want that said frock to work really hard for you – not do assault courses or anything crazy like that! –  but give you at least 2/3 potential outfits so that you get maximum wear.

So, lets take the frock in question – The Desigual Ari dress

Brilliant worn on its own during a heatwave, be it here or – let’s be honest because we live in Shropshire – more likely on a beautiful getaway somewhere!

Now this is where the styling can get interesting and you can transition the dress from day to night, cooler breezier days to that tropical sunshine.

Here’s how..
*Wear with pumps or converse for a daytime dressed down look.
*Bung on some wedges or heels and statement jewellery for a night time ‘poshed-up’ look

Layer it up..
*Wear over leggings or skinny jeans & team with your pumps.
*Style it as a tunic over smart looking capri or cigarette pants and some wow heels for night time glamour.

Bit chilly? Let’s layer it up some more..
*Pop it over a long sleeved t’shirt or poloneck (that’s a turtleneck to our American friends)
*Tights and long boots.
*Add a contrasting cardigan or jacket.

This dress also has lots of different colours you can experiment with due to that wonderful floral detail, so on top of the various layering ideas, you can further expand your outfit options by simply picking out different colours. One day you could layer it over a simple navy t-shirt, the next a bright red – and so on.

So we count one dress and at least ten different looks!

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