Hi eclecticats,  Jode’s here…I confess straight off that I have a pretty well-stocked wardrobe, BUT…and I know that this will take some believing, I rarely purposely go shopping!

I might head out if there’s a special occasion coming up (like when you’re searching for that ultimate wedding-guest dress!) but I’ve learnt over the years to make my shopping jaunts—no matter how big or small, frequent or infrequent—WORTH IT!

I’m not perfect – I’ve had the phases where everything I’ve bought has been left to languish at the back of my wardrobe unworn and neglected…often with the tags still left on, but no more, my friends!

So if you’ve ever wanted to know how to shop like a pro – and to sidestep the cringe-worthy mistakes I’ve made in the past—take a peek at my top tips below…

1.Do your research before making expensive designer label purchases 

I’d encourage you to do your research before making big name, big price tag purchases. There are a heap of e-commerce sites that now ship to the UK from across the globe, so you may find that there are price differences across websites.

Online tools like Lyst or ShopStyle are great for comparing prices and you can make some major savings – which will help towards the next purchase, right?! Plus if it’s from a previous season sites like Vinted are a gold mine of goodies.

2. Don’t take tags off/throw away receipts

If you’re even remotely on the fence about a purchase, keep your receipts in a safe place and leave the tags on until you’re 100% sure you want to hold onto the piece. When buying a more out-there piece, take it home and try it on with a few pieces before cutting the tags out. 

3. Shopping alone v. other people.

It can be huge fun to hit the shops with your friends, and other people can encourage you try colours and styles you might otherwise overlook, but the flipside of that is that other people’s opinions can sway your own, resulting in purchases you’ll never wear.

If i’m seriously on the hunt I go solo. If you absolutely love something you really don’t want or need someone else’s opinion!

5. Don’t choose recognisable chain store pieces

My tactic for getting the most out of the chains is to buy simple items. That doesn’t mean they have to be boring or plain, but I tend to steer clear of recognisable printed pieces, especially those i’ve seen papped on social media as ‘must-haves.’  (We NEVER gravitate towards the ‘icon’ pieces when choosing the collections for Eclectica – much to the brands and agents amusement!)

Not only will they date quickly,  you’re more likely to be turn up to brunch in the same Zara dress as your best friend – which admittedly can make for a hilarious Instagram shot.

6. Resist holding on to items you no longer wear.

I know this sounds obvious, but given how often i’ve poked through peoples wardrobes and found some seriously ‘vintage’ gear with tags still on them it bears mentioning.

Boost you bank account by selling off a few old pieces. I’ve just downloaded Depop and will be giving it a try following recommendations from one of the Desigual team, and there’s the aforementioned Vinted, eBay and the like.

7. Wear new purchases pronto!

Unless you’ve bought something for a specific occasion, I’d always encourage you to wear your purchases as soon as you can. You’ll still feel excited and enthusiastic about them, raring to experiment with different outfit options.

8. Have some self-control during the sales

Just because it’s a bargain doesn’t make it wearable, and never buy something too small with the ‘promise’ you are going to loose the weight.


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