Okay before we kick off this blog post, we need to fully disclose that yep we do have items in our wardrobes that are ‘one-offs’ bought solely because they stopped us in our tracks and made us go WOW, and nope we don’t get huge amounts of wear from them, and it’s also a big NOPE on any regrets about purchasing them! They make us smile even if they only do get worn once a blue moon.

However in our defence these items tend to be the exceptions rather than the norm, so let’s crack on with our usual modus operandi and how we choose our clothes, and by natural extension pieces for t’shop.

We are drawn to pieces that we can make work across multiple seasons, and thus get our monies worth from. How d’ya do that? Well you get pieces that can be layered up/down as Mother Nature adjusts the thermometer…the fancy-pants fashion mags call these transition pieces and we wrote more about that here.

We recently teamed up with super stylist and colour guru Debby from Practical Style and played dress-up with the new Spring/Summer collections to give you some ideas how you can style these pieces as we move from fresh, zingy spring into a (hopefully) steamy hot summer.

LOOK ONE: Debby wears Orientique linen culottes (£65), matching cami top (£39) Compania Fantastica tank top (£39) & Desigual denim jacket (£119)


If it’s super fresh out, pop some tights under the trews, and don some chunky boots or brogues, layer a pullover over that cami – we used the Compania Fantastica tank top in orange to tie in with the embroidered detail on the denim jacket, add a scarf and voila you are ready to go.

As the weather warms up; discard that sweater and tights, we tucked in the cami and added a belt to give some shape and we’d replace those boots with a pump, and if we get a heatwave (fingers x!) wave bye to the jacket and get your toes out with some sandals!


LOOK TWO: Jodie wears Desigual biker jacket (£129) & DesigualXLacroix trousers (£159) & Silk Scarf (£35)


The trews have a fun little split at the hem, so pop some coordinating coloured tights underneath on the cooler days, Jode’s is a Converse or DrMarten girl so that’s what she’ll be rocking with hers! Up top, a plain top in any colour that suits – long sleeve or knit when chilly and topped with the fabulously soft and feminine lemon biker jacket. This colour gets a bit lost on Jode’s but she loves the jacket so a silk scarf in a more flattering colour saves the day.

As you head off on your hols go bare legged, paint your nails in a bold colour, add some sandals and a short sleeve or strappy top and you are good to go! Keep hold of that scarf as it’ll protect your shoulders from burning!


LOOK THREE: Vicky wears Orientique bubble dress (£79), capri trousers (£29) linen jacket (£65) & Angora scarf (£43)


We popped Vix in some coordinating capri’s to keep any chill off the legs, you could also pop a long sleeved tee in complimentary shade under the frock for an extra layer. We love Vix in hot orange so added an Angora scarf and coordinating linen jacket. Pair with loafers or court shoes during the early months, and pumps/sandals as we head into summer.


LOOK FOUR: Debby wears Desigual red jeans (£95), polo jumper (£95) fringed shirt (£95) & denim jacket (£119) as before.


A jeans n’ top combo is timeless, but you can modernise it with a great fit in a fabulous colour and these jeans are just that! For cooler the days Debby has paired hers with a patterned roll-neck style top in complementary colour, jean jacket, chunky boots and added belt to finish the look and add shape and proportion.

When the sun makes an appearance add a crisp white shirt (with bit of eclectica flair!) and pumps and you are ready to take on your day.


LOOK FIVE: Jodie is wearing Orientique maxi dress (£109), Desigual red biker jacket (£159) Desigual animal print boots (£143) & Angora scarf (£43)


Ok, first off, can we just a take a minute to take-in Jode’s in a long flowy dress!? We’ve given it a bit of structure, and made it ‘more her’ with the addition of the wonderful red biker jacket (this really does need to be seen to be fully appreciated) and chunky boots. You can further layer with the addition of a tee and a scarf in a flattering colour.

For beach vibes, simply peel off and grab your flip flops, or for a bit of glam pop on a pair of wedge heels and sparkly earrings!


LOOK SIX: Vicki is wearing Orientique linen culottes (£65) Desigual unisex floral shirt (£68), Compania Fantastica tank top (£39), Desigual biker jacket (£129) Desigual animal print boots (£143) & embroidered scarf (£63)


Feeling fresh out? Tights and chunky boots under the culottes will keep you cosy, then simply layer, layer and layer some more! We like the contrast of the soft, delicate linen with the more masculine vibe of the chunky boots and biker jacket.

As it warms up wear the shirt open over the cami worn by Debby in look one for a loose and flowy vibe.


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