We’ve all got that one friend who seem to make getting dressed – whatever the occasion – seem effortless. They always look so well put together…it’s so frustrating. So what’s their secret?

We picked the brains of the most stylish peeps we know and came up with this top ten list of the things they do…

1.Spend time playing with – and remembering outfit combinations.

not about planning for specific events, but becoming friends with your wardrobe so you know that everything in your wardrobe works with something. This will inform your future shopping decisions.

Pictured L-R: Kate Skirt (£55) Floral Blouse (£46) & Autumn Skirt (£62)  Kate Jacket (£65) & Skirt (£52)

2. Never fear keeping it simple. Simple = chic.

keeping it classical elegant, ie a shirt & tailored trousers is seriously elegant, then throw on some statement shoes and the outfit is instantly lifted.

3. Take care of their shoes no matter what the original price.

You can take you shoes to the cobbler BEFORE you wear them! Worth considering with a cheap pair of shoes as it’ll make them last longer.

Treat suede & leather boots before wearing out in the elements and they’ll last for eons. Have shoes soled before wearing – especially cheaper brands.
Pictured: Heart Ibiza Boots (£120)

4. Know that personal style is about re-wearing and accepting your look.

It’s about knowing your look, about what suits and investing in key pieces that accentuate and add to existing combinations to great effect.

5. Dress to impress – THEMSELVES

Being truly stylish is about dressing your yourself. What pieces in your wardrobe make you happy & want to pull them out every morning?

6. Absorb style inspiration from everyone & everywhere

Is there someone you admire – could be a celeb in a magazine or it could be a buddy. We’re not suggesting style jacking their whole look (nobody loves a copycat, and nothing is likely to test a friendship more than turning up looking like a pair of Harold & Hilda’s) but take note if they layer pieces in a cool way or perhaps it’s their use of colour.

7. Tailor pieces to perfection.

If you LOVE something but it’s too long, or not fitted at the waist in quite the right way for you, then take it to a seamstress. This works for any item – be it trousers, jacket, skirt etc…get it to fit properly and you’ll have a piece that works hard for its money.

<factoid> Ever wondered why the trousers in Zara & our own Desigual are left so damn long? Well Spanish girls are used to getting their trews tailored, it’s a way of life for them.

If you love something, show it some LOVE and get it tailored to perfection!
Pictured L-R: Desigual Aqua Skirt (£95) Orientique La Boqueria Maxi Dress (£99) & Desigual Rosa Trousers (£60) &

8. Pick affordable fashion carefully.

You don’t need to be decked out in designer labels top to toe, but a full Primani outfit ain’t gonna cut it either. Invest in key pieces then add some key – calmly & carefully chosen – high street (including Primark or the like) to the mix to get a well put-together look.

9. Never excessively quaff or be be uber scruffy.

It’s a tightrope between disheveled and done, but practice to get the balance right. Think a well paired trews and shirt with crumpled ‘bed-hair’ or if you’re going for overalls, a blow-dryed bonce  and a slick of lippy is required or you might get mistaken for a handyman.

10. Identify your favourite thing to buy and make that your signature.

It’s okay to be know as the shoe person or denim person. Find what you like and make an envy inducing collection. Jodie is waiting to open her very own shoe museum…


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