Remember when you were a kid and your Mum used to tell you off for tying your jumper round your waist? Well that’s officially trendy nowadays and is part of what the fashion industry term layering.

Hi eclecticats –  Vicki here, and it is making me chuckle that taking out enough clothes to keep warm and dry just in case the wind gets up or we have a shower of rain should actually merit reading or writing about! However, before I shoot myself in the foot and put you lovely peeps off reading any further, there are some serious do’s and don’ts to the art of layering – after all no-one wants to do a Joey from Friends…

Heading back to jumpers/sweaters – personally if I’m wearing troos I prefer to hang my sweater around my neck & shoulders and if I’m skirting it, I am more likely to tie said extra jumper around my waist.  Goodness knows how I have decided this mode of dressing but there you go!  According to fashionistas – either approach is de-rigueur this season.

I also LOVE wearing Summer clothes – lightweight, long floaty skirts, right through the year, paired with a polo or long sleeved tee with chunky knit sweater over the top – bung on some thermal knickers, tights, socks and boots and i’m good to go!

One thing I particularly love about this approach is that it adds texture – different fabrics and weight of fabric makes for a more visually interesting look. (the thermals are optional though!) Plus we like our purchases to work that bit harder – we’ll often choose pieces for an upcoming season with a view that they’ll work with something we’ve previously stocked – it helps build your wardrobe (in a perfect world each piece you own should work with 2/3 others) and it means you can wear favourite your pieces year round.

Then there’s the wearing of trousers AND a skirt over…now if you get the trousers and the skirt right, this can be a great look, I mean really cool…BUT if you get it wrong you can look like a dickhead frankly!

So to help you get it right, I advise trying it out with bootleg or flared trousers/jeans paired with knee length frocks/skirts  or if skinny jeans are your thing, layer these with straight, shorter-length dresses or tunic tops. Pay attention to your colour and pattern choices too.

I’m a fan of Scandanavian designer, Gudrun Sjoden  she’s a lady who has perfected this dress/trouser layered look, so do check out her website out for some ideas. A word of warning though; too much going on can disguise your wonderful body and you end up looking like Barba Papa.

Also, I see nothing wrong with sticking a long (or short) sleeved tee under a sleeveless dress. We hear the immortal “I don’t like my arms anymore” everyday; so folks, be a friend to yourself this season and invest in some plain tees – black and white are obvious colour choices which pair with most stuff but take a looksee at what dresses you may have & coordinate away. Also, do not be afraid to wear a shorter length cardigan, shrug or jacket over the top and HELL add a poncho over the jacket too if it’s really potentially parky!

You probably already know we wear socks with sandals here – we also advocate socks over tights too. It adds a pop of colour and interest to your outfit.  Think contrast and coordinate all the time and layer away. And do you know what?! If you like your own layered look, who cares if anyone else thinks!

Here are a few of our favourite pieces that we reckon work brilliantly for a layered look. As ever, have fun with your wardrobe. Vx

Brighten up your bum! 
1. Desigual Johanna Leggings (£35) Leggings are the ultimate in versatile layering. Pop under a denim skirt or shorts, pep up plain dresses & tunics or simply pair with an oversized tee or grandad shirt.
2. Desigual Rasha Playsuit (£109) On cooler days layer up with a long sleeved tee or polo, tights & ankle boots – add some rock chick vibes with a (p)leather jacket. Then simply shorten the sleeves, lose the tights and add flip-flops as the thermometer rises.
3. Boom Shankar Guru Pants (£69) You’ll regularly see our Jode’s rocking hers with tights, DMs and a poncho on cold days, and a simple tee and Converse during the summer.

Terrific Tops
1. Orientique Tank (£57) A tank top is a super easy way of adding texture to your outfit. Try over a pattered shirt (be sure to pop the collar!) or over a plain tee with a complementary scarf or statement necklace…and if you dare don’t stop there; try adding cardi’s and jackets over the top.
2. Desigual Brazil Blouse (£75) Strip down – literally;  with a beautiful bra for an evening soiree, or add camisoles, tees and polos for daytime. We’d top ours with a waistcoat for a structured look.
3. Orientique Mennagio Shirt (£69) Great over tees & polos on colder days. Looks particularly great under the apple green tank top. Also try wearing it unbuttoned over a plain frock – roll up the sleeves to vary the look.
4. Orientique Shrug (£55) Shrugs are brilliant wardrobe staples – they can be worn over EVERYTHING! Try yours over a silky camisole with jeans, or add texture to a patterned frock.


Dress to Impress
1. Orientique Venice Tunic (£69) So many colours work with this fab tunic. Start by popping over a tee, then add colourful tights, a belt to cinch the waist and chuck on some boots or try swapping the tights for skinny jeans or Capri trousers.
2. Heart Truro Dress (£87) This is a super versatile piece – rock as a frock, layering with tees and shrugs, remember to play with textures and fabrics. Or try it un-buttoned and wear as a duster over skinny jeans, leggings or a bodycon dress.
3. Orientique Positano Skirt (£79) This fab little number is reversible so you’re already bagging two looks! We also recommend layering over capris or cropped leggings.


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