There’s some pretty bonkers fashion jargon that gets used that I’d like to exterminate, but on this blog I’d like to look at some a few so-called fashion rules that we here at eclectica would like to officially retire!

They include: you can’t wear brown with black (nonsense!) you can’t wear white after Labor Day (pffft!), and that one simply must not wear socks with heels (whaaat?!) Some of the most style savvy celebs regularly rock this look and, okay whilst we appreciate they have stylists to put outfits together for them it’s really not as unachievable and crazy looking as it might seem, and this is the perfect time of year to experiment with this look as we start layering up again


Ok, we’ll admit it’s not a combo for the faint of heart; it does takes a certain kind of gusto and quirkiness to pull it off, so if you’re the type who wears the same black pumps every day then this is probably not the look for you. But if you’re feeling a bit game, come on a style adventure with us…

Feeling nervous? Start by grabbing your favourite lace-up flatties, a brogue style shoe or a Converse pump work well with this look. Start small— black on black is a safe toe in the water! and actually looks really badass if your shoe has some kind of metallic or textured elements, like ribbon laces

Not scary? Next step is to up the contrast – try a patterned sock with a plain shoe or vice versa, then move on to light with dark.

Still with us? Great! Go and grab your favourite pair of heels, and experiment with some height – we particular like this look with a wedge or platform sole, again start mono and if you don’t have a heart attack let’s see you up the contrast!

A dressier look, is a pencil skirt with heels which is appropriate for everything  from work to going out at night. A midi-length pencil, which hits just below the knee, works best with this look and try a lighter-coloured and/or patterned sock with a classic black pump.

If a streamlined fitted look not your thing, then try a fuller skirt and channel your inner 50s chick!
We also like baggy boyfriend style jeans and dungarees paired with a chunky sandal and sock combo.

PS: If you are really not a fan of baring your legs, you can still work this look by layering up with a pair of tights.

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