Lessening the load in our cupboards makes us feel GREAT – rejuvenated & puts a spring in our step…It’s not that easy though.

Ever had a moment – or worse, an entire hour wondering just what in the heck you’re going to wear today/to that ‘do’ on Friday night? You know, the riffling and rummaging in the wardrobe through clothes that haven’t seen the light of day – for years!

You remember something that might just be perfect but alas when you find it and get into it, it just doesn’t quite fit or look quite how it used to. And it’s not really your colour any more and it’s too warm/thin/short/got a hole in it…getting the picture?!

Here are our eclectica solutions to Spring cleaning your clothes & shoes ready to make way for the new you!

  • Set aside a couple of hours & invite a friend or two around to empty the wardrobe and drawers and have a proper sort out.
  • Make several piles/boxes, including:

1. Charity (anything that hasn’t been worn for two years or more)
2. Ebay/local online sales
3. Swapsies with pals (you’re going to have a swish party)
4.  Keeping, but putting away ’til the Autumn
5. Goodies to keep and wear now

  • Try stuff on, get some honest feedback from your pals – should you keep or pass it along? Decide which pile it goes on.
  • Plan your Swish party – after your friends have had their Spring clean too.

Now open the Prosecco and celebrate, because you will have identified any gaps so you’re all sorted & ready to hit the shops for the new season 🙂


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