Getting this gorgeous shop of ours open (OK…we know we are biased, but we do seriously think it’s a bit lush!) was bit of a whirlwind – we received keys on the 4th November and opened our doors 20 days later.

In that time we had to completely redecorate, build changing rooms, fix a toilet, install a glitter ball….you know all the really important stuff! There is no way Vicki and I could have done that on our own and we joke that we owe a LOT of favours, but it’s no joke.

We got to find out first hand how amazing our friends and partners are, and to say that we are grateful for them being in our lives is a ginormous understatement.

So we feel that it is only right that we use this first (and long overdue) blog post to say a public THANK YOU to…

Shula, Kaz, Dave, Karl, Andy, Dawn, Muz, Vicky, Ian, Jay, Ian, Emma, Richard, Vanessa, Marilyn, Kim, Beth, Muriel, Jeffrey & Matt at Shropshire Community Project

You rock!

We’d also like to thank every single person who has popped in, given us a thumbs up, wished us luck & bought something (which is of course the aim of the game – stocking beautiful bits & pieces that you’d like to take home) and of course you, yes you, for reading this because without you there would be no point in opening up every day…which is what we hope to be doing for a very long time to come!

Big Schnogs.

J & V.



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