January equals cold – NOT my favourite time of year, winter: However, month one of 2022 is over! Where did it go? I don’t know about you but time seems to be messed up since COVID – last January didn’t happen in the shop at all so am more confuzzled than ever (not that it takes much these days).

I’ve had a few days off and have returned to find the windows bedecked in beautiful love hearts and the shop so bright and colourful in contrast to the grey, gloomy weather outside. We have love hearts everywhere I look 🙂

LOVING the HEARTS! How & why the heart shape is the iconic pictogram symbol of love…

Apparently it was Galen, second century Greek Physician, who asserted the heart was shaped a bit like a pine cone and was likely first depicted as a symbol of love in a 1250s French manuscript where a young man holds up his (vaguely pine cone-shaped) heart to his lady love. The theory is that Medieval artists were loosely replicating ancient medical pictures of the organ associated with emotion and pleasure. By the 18th century the love heart was in use on Valentine’s cards.

There are all kinds of theories on St Valentine, some of them a tad dubious sounding to me! February has long been associated with romance which could have more to do with the birds and the bees getting their thing on than saints…

Jode has Valentined us well and truly! We have all manner of lovely goodies and cards for Valentine’s Day including some oh so tempting Dizzy Cat bath bombs – perfect for pamper soak. Choose from fabulous orangey red & gold Raspberry Crush lips, pink & black passionate pear scented (very Ziggy Stardust) and beautiful natural Rose Geranium & Rose petal ones. All natural & made in Ludlow by the lovely Mindy…

Anyhow, all this romantic stuff has cheered me enormously! 2022 is well & truly underway and I’m feeling optimistic. The world seems a little less frightening and we’re able to get out and about again, albeit with precautions.

Jode & I are SO happy to be going to Trade Shows and Agents for stock buying and feeling properly excited about our little shop again. Things really get going in February when we begin to get Spring/Summer clothing collections in. In the meantime we have some amazing bargains in the #awesomeelecticasale If you want to treat yourself, now is the time…don’t miss out as nothing truly haunts us more than the things we didn’t buy!

Over & out for now


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