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We believe in Fair Trade – ‘Trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers,'(Oxford Languages) ‘An arrangement whereby developing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships.’ (Wikipedia on FairTrade).

However, you won’t see the Fair Trade organisation logo in eclectica other than on their leaflet showing our support. That’s because to us, Fair Trade in the here and now, stands for something much wider and all encompassing. What informs our buying decisions certainly includes the above definitions but also includes supporting and encouraging sustainable and equitable trade relationships with producers right here in the UK and in already ‘developed’ countries. Sustainable has many connotations for us including ethical. It feels the right thing to do to buy from folk who care about other folk and so on.

We invest time in finding out about the provenance of our stock. It’s important to us that everyone involved, from the person with the original creative idea, to you, the end receiver, gets a fair deal. This is why so much of our stock is bought directly from the maker. Whether that’s Mt. Romance Australian Sandalwood body products, Manicay scarves or Body Bangle Jewellery – to name just three of our suppliers. Whilst these three companies have vastly different profiles and size in terms of organisation, what they have in common is the way they work. They care about working conditions & pay fair wages to their staff – One is a family business and one is just a ‘one man band’ – creator, maker & seller!

A lot of our stock comes from small & ‘one man band’ companies. That’s because we want to support and encourage creative folk who design and make beautiful products and are not inveigled in corporate policies, long (& expensive) chains of distribution and general BS. Like us, they are passionate about what they do. SMALL is very often most BEAUTIFUL in all respects. By avoiding lots of ‘middlemen’ everyone gets a bigger piece of pie and importantly, there are far fewer extraneous costs passed along to you, our lovely customers. So, not only does it feel the right thing to do, it just makes plain common sense.

Please take the time next time you’re having a surf on our web-site to read our Supplier Information bits and hopefully you’ll see why we love all of the people we buy from. Here are a couple of examples: SORUKA & Létol

And, if you want to know anything more about any of our products, please feel free to ping us a message.

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