Today is World Earth Day, actually this whole week has been World Earth Week, and that feels right as we should be working on this every day.

This movement started back in 1970, and an impressive 20 million people across the United States  took to the streets — that was around 10 per cent of the country’s population at the time!

I’m imagining a glorious Hippy parade of Peace and Love, and that’s the thing – years ago people who were environmental geeks looked a certain way didn’t they? My mind recalls Swampy (Dan Hooper) who was synonymous with environmental protest in the 1990s – living in trees and tunnels. The term tree hugger was generally not intended as a compliment .

…You knew you were in for a lecture about trees when someone in baggy green pants, unkempt facial hair and giving off a slightly holier-than-thou aura entered the party. I have no doubt that 10/15 years ago I would have moved as far away as possible in my Top Shop Frock, waving my plastic wine glass and heading for a mini burger!

Fast forward to now and many more of us are onboard with caring about the planet – and you can’t tell by a casual glance at our clothes any more.

It’s very easy to seem to support a campaign, and be seen throwing it some platitudes – as a shop we could jump on the bandwagon by simply showcasing environmentally friendly brands we stock (we’ve got a fair few!) but it needs to be bigger than that.

..and that’s a balance we wrestle with. We want you to buy – we’d go out of business fairly flippin’ quickly if you didn’t, but we also don’t want to encourage conspicuous consumption, and buying for buyings sake – ‘cos that stuff just ends up in landfill. FYI…

350,000 tonnes, that’s around £140 million worth of used but still wearable clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year. Scary huh!

source: Clothes Aid

So, here’s some questions for all of us to ponder… how are you actually living your live to ensure that this gorgeous planet survives? Reckon we can all do something.

With our shop keeper hats on, we’d like to encourage you to be active and engaged in your buying decisions. Where are you popping that pound? Obviously we’re always going to big-up a little Indie and perhaps ponder what impact that purchase will make and will it endure or is it a quick (disposable) pick me-up?

With our personal hats on Vicki has recently discovered eco-egg laundry detergent (thanks to Sarah from The Feathers for the tip) and my new best thing ever is bamboo kitchen roll.

Every day choices we make have an impact. Nothing is too small. But it’s very easy to build up the momentum and before you know it you’re really rather green and virtuous, and that just feels GOOD doesn’t it.



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