From the second highest mountain in the world! Also known as Mount Godwin Austen, K2 is in the Karakoram Range of Mountains on the Pakistan/Chinese border and K2 granite is found near the base of the mountain in a remote area, visited by few. A relatively newly discovered stone, K2 is irresistibly eye-catching as it is so unusual.


It is black & white mottled with what looks like blue ink splotches randomly splashed across it. Also known as Afghanite, it is in fact granite with bright blue azurite spheres deposited and penetrating the tiny fractures in the granite surface – just like ink stains.

It is unusual to find granite and azurite occurring together and the stone has created lively debate and discussion amongst mineralogists. Some specimens are also found with green malachite stains too. Whilst it is relatively  durable (approx 6 on MOHS scale) polished stones will scratch or show signs of wear over time so rings and bracelets need some TLC.

Crystal energy healers love this stone as the azurite in the stone gives direct access to the Akashic Records. This is knowledge of all that ever was, is and shall be – & most definitely not my field of expertise. They say it’s great for accessing your third eye and that working with it can lead to enormous spiritual growth. Whilst the azurite can elevate one to the highest peaks of consciousness, the granite is grounding and it is a stone for remaining well-balanced – so there you go 🙂


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