It’s Tee Shirt time!

At some point in the last ten years and without me noticing it at all, I have stopped wearing t’shirts! I had no idea why, until I noticed it – which, by the way, was when I got my Summer outfits out of the trunk, where I unceremoniously dump them in utter disgust in about October every year. You see, I LOVE Summer, hot weather and Summer clothes and always feel bereft in Autumn when I have to swap sandals for boots. I digress… Tee Shirts…

This year I noticed I own a fair few. Some of them are ‘gym wear’ and perhaps unsurprisingly, aren’t that well worn OOPS.

Others though, well, they range from tatty shapeless and faded to the frankly, HIDEOUS. Did I really wear a multi-coloured tie dye? Did I actually buy a band Tee shirt whilst in my forties?! What the Sam Holy was I thinking? And it’s like a size 8 and I appear to be a size 14… most mysterious. What is also mysterious is why they are still in my wardrobe, as to my certain
knowledge I haven’t worn any of them (other than on my too infrequent visits to said gym) for AGES.

When I piled them up and considered each of them, I decided, wrongly, that Tee Shirts are for the youthful, not a mature and sophisticated business woman such as myself (SNORT!).

Actually, that’s cobblers! I have a tummy nowadays and an oversize tie dyed ‘Levellers’ Tee Shirt IS just WRONG. (Thank goodness I haven’t worn that for ten years!) But, after some careful cogitation whilst int’ shop, I considered my pile of Tee shirts once more and started looking at the Tee shirts and tops we have on our rails at the moment.

I decided I hadn’t thrown mine out because I really quite like Tee shirts. And then I had a ‘Aha’ moment…

…Tee shirts are the ultimate in throw it on, easy to wear, casual clothing. HOWEVER, they aren’t indesctructable and do not last forever (Bye bye Ray Lamontagne Tee). I noticed our Tees are a
tad more glam and infinitely superior to some of the tat in my pile! Also, and I hold my hand up here – guilty as charged – if it costs £10 or less, it’s not going to be the same shape/size after it’s been washed and unlikely to be the same colour either, so do not leave it hanging about in your closet for ten years unless you’re going to wear it for painting and decorating only!

Now I sound like a Tee shirt snob, which I’m not BUT…My ‘Aha’ was this: Of all the clothing items I’ve bought over the years I’ve always been stingy about the price when buying Tee shirts, which was just stupid of me and false economy as I know very well ‘You get what you pay for’.

I also don’t believe in throwing clothes out every five minutes (or ten years, as you now know) and I do want to wear my favourite things (especially the easy to throw on stuff) over and over again and I expect it to stay in shape and retain some semblance of its original colour. I AM quite demanding and want value for money. My £5 and £10 Primani specials were never going to make it – let’s be honest.

We don’t stock many Tee shirts, I think because a lot of ladies consider £39-£64 (our price range) just too much to pay for a Summer Tee. And I think it’s because like me, many have fallen for the Matalan & Primark trick of kidding us into ‘It’s only £5 so I’ll chuck it out after I’ve worn it’ thinking (which is shameful too) and just simply forgotten that the second time we wore it, it resembled something else.

Nowadays I’m more likely to consider whether a piece is value for money, and I stop and ask myself; ‘Do I love it? What will I wear it with? Will it wash?’ If I can answer in the affirmative it’s probably worth getting. I have resolved never to spend £5 on a Tee shirt again, which should hopefully save me (and possibly you) from this same rant in… ooh… about ten years time.

Come and buy a Tee shirt! 🙂

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