We’ve gone into holiday overdrive here – what with two days of sunshine and Food Festivals and being surrounded with beautiful Summer clothes int’ shop. A lot of our conversations of late have been about our own foreign holiday experiences and our Summer look. It seems that around this time every year we attempt to lose weight and spruce ourselves up so we can expose bits that don’t normally get to see daylight here in Blighty!

We’ve also had a good few chuckles sharing our serious style cock-ups with our holiday wardrobes & how so many of us Brits just get it wrong when we’re away – ill-fitting clothes, tan a la scalded lobster & the unmistakable Brits on tour look. So…

We’ve put our heads together and compiled a bit of a list of how not to look like a wally when you really want to look super cool, uber stylish and oh so continental. We’ve also thought about our chaps & include tips for the guys too. (NO footie tee shirts!)

First off, this is our golden rule….
If you won’t wear it at home, then there is NO WAY you should be wearing it anywhere.

But we do understand that for some, packing for a holiday – particularly a warm one, will incite some panic. Let’s be honest we don’t get a practice run here in the UK, where temperatures rarely get to tropical, tepid is more like it!


Beach combers

Trends don’t matter on the beach. This makes things easy on the packing front! You’ll need a large and stylish beach bag that will hold your creams, books & ipod and most importantly cope with the sand (a sand encrusted carrier bag from the local shop really won’t cut it!)

Clothes wise ladies, you’ll need a couple of bikinis (we love Figleaves or if you are bigger busted try Bravissimo) a sundress, shorts or skirt and a load of vests. These few items will see you through as the sundress can be dressed down with flip-flops and dressed up with wedges and jewellery. Choose the sundress well – if it’s hot hot HOT it’s tempting to go for something loose, but a baggy shapeless number will bulk up even the tiniest frames.

For men; some sportswear is acceptable, but please keep it waist down to avoid straying into Wayne Rooney territory. Polo shirts, striped t-shirts & short-sleeved cotton shirts give a more classic look and don’t forget a pair of smart trousers – linen is great for evening. Bare legs past dusk can be a bit undignified – not to mention a treat for mosquitos!

For footwear, check out Sanuks for a more wearable and versatile shoe than flip-flops. They are available in loads of colours and styles; are great for the beach and smart enough to take you through to evening. They have a super comfy sole so can easily be worn all day.

City Slickers

A city wardrobe should have a smarter edge than it’s beach counterpart, so swap the beach holdall for a posh leather or canvas bag that will compliment you as you sit at your favourite pavement cafe and sip your favourite tipple.

Ladies invest in some smart jeans and team with smart summer sweaters – or silk for a bit of luxury. Alternatively team with t-shirts for a dressed down feel. Good quality tops are key as they will keep their shape for longer. Vicki always packs a Boom Shankar Rosanna skirt as it’s reversible, travels well and makes a great alternative to jeans.

Men avoid sportswear; it just looks cheap next to fabulous architecture (you’ll thank us when you see the pictures!) You’ll need a selection of shirts and polos & pair these with relaxed trousers or city shorts (clue’s in the name!)and good sunglasses to finish the look.

Both sexes should upgrade their flip-flops to something more sturdy for wandering around the city –your feet will thank you for it.

And whilst we’re on feet… poor old things get forgotten all Winter… A pedicure is one of THE most essential and wonderful treats you can give yourself, if only once a year. If you won’t or don’t want someone else poking around your toes (a lot of us are funny about feet…) then invest in some moisturiser & Mt Romance skin damage control, which works wonders on dry and cracked heels,  lather it on your your trotters each evening as you get into bed – for a fortnight before you travel. It makes a humungous amount of difference!

Our final tip is this: Don’t go mad in the sun! We’re not used to it. Wear a sun hat, lots of sunscreen and drink plenty plenty water. Forget this and you’re not going to have a great time anywhere…

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