Ookii Shoes is the brainchild of the lovely Lindsay Turner and we’re over the moon to be working in collaboration with Lindsay to stock her collection of thoughtfully sourced boots and shoes this winter. Ookii is Japanese for BIG and that’s exactly what this footwear is! BIG in style, quality and size.

Any lady out there who is size 8 or larger, keep reading! You will know what a royal pain it is to source gorgeous shoes and boots. You know, shoes with PZAZZ! Lindsay went on a mission to find larger sized, interesting, quality footwear and came up trumps. Whilst the collection was originally aimed at women, these styles work well on all FEET.

Ookii comprises of designs by the Danish shoemaker Duck Feet, Portugese Eject and the German brands; Haflinger and Rovers. You won’t find these brands locally and most are often forced into buying online. This isn’t necessarily the greatest idea with footwear which has to FIT so to have these beauties right here in Ludlow is FANTASTIC!

Duck Feet

Duckfeet were first made in Denmark in the 1970s and designed for simplicity and honesty. The success of those original designs has lasted the test of time and the Jylland shoe design has remained unchanged – such is the mark of true originality and quality. Full grain leather, foot shaped shoes with trademark Danish flag they live up to the Duckfeet motto: KEEP IT SIMPLE, NOT STUPID.


Eject is a Portugese company who’ve been making great quality footwear for 27 years. We think their mission statement is fantastic! They aim to; ‘Satisfy the needs of consumers that search for footwear with personality.’ There’s attention to detail in Eject shoes and boots and they are refreshing different as well as beautifully crafted.


‘The natural way of walking.’ Haflinger make wonderful clogs and slippers from felt and cork. They hand-craft using only the finest quality materials, creating a foot-bed anatomically designed for maximum foot comfort and support. They are proud that they are now 4th generation and combine an intense love of nature with sophisticated design, superior function and modern creativity to produce extraordinarily comfortable and unbelievably natural footwear for all seasons. A simple idea for happy and healthy feet. The result: Original Haflinger quality millions of loyal customers have come to rely on time and time again.


Rovers are a family run business based in Northern Germany who hand-craft shoes in Portugal and have done so since 1961! Rovers are crafted of high quality, natural materials with rustic charm, asymmetrical cuts, and creative details like refreshing prints and modified surfaces. Their aim is to produce shoes and boots incorporating zippers and laces with great functionality as well as striking design. Marrying a striking exterior with a comfortable interior is the hallmark of Rovers.

Please note: All of these are European brands and thus sized using European sizing…

Here in eclectica you’ll find sizes 42-46 in all styles, which equates to an English 8 -12.

Come on in and have a try on and tell all your friends! eclectica now has SHOES, and pretty flippin’ badass ones at that!




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