What’s your crowning glory?

Here in eclectica, we love a good hat and whilst your clothes certainly say something about you, nothing better expresses your personality than your choice of titfer. Worn for a special occasion or on a bad hair day, hats are back and they’re not just for the ‘too cool to care’ beanie clad crowd but back in as part of our everyday wardrobe – especially those of us allergic to brollies!

Here int’shop we’ve got some lovely, quirky styles and colours such as our orange Bowler with a spotty ribbon & bow – obviously not for the shy & retiring types!

We’ve also found a great selection of Fedoras in various colours and sizes; feminine floppy brimmed for all our Boho chic eclecticats, wide brimmed ones, donning perky colourful feathers, for those who don’t mind getting a look & a nod of envy at their boldness, and an assortment of wonderful Cloches – some with a slightly vintage feel and some which shout out loud ‘I’m a lady’. Really cute!
Press coverage glimpsed whilst on a trip to the Big Smoke revealed that it was ALL about the beret this winter. So if we view hats as an extension of ourselves – what does a beret say about its wearer? Whilst unisex, practical and essentially non fussy in design, the beret somehow emits a kind of European sophistication and intellectualism. We imagine Proust reading, Gauloise smoking, fluent French speakers who attend radical protest marches and art school by day and frequent jazz clubs late into the evening. A history of famous wearers such as historical revolutionaries and insouciant Parisians has of course helped create this mystique around the simple beret.

Here at eclectica we’ve selected a traditional soft woollen tipped beret in a selection of shades to suit all skin tones and unlike like Dior’s new season’s beauties, which rock in at £580 a pop, ours are a snip at £18 each.

Jodie & I love them so much we thought we’d share a silly pic of us doing our best Dior model pose. Please note ‘The Beret effect’ – Vicki wearing red lipstick, who’d have thought!

However do bear this in mind if you’ve always wanted to wear a hat, but reckon’ you don’t suit them. A hat often needs a ‘strong face’ so take another look, but this time pop on some rouge or a slick of lippy.


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