This time of year kickstarts the holidays BIG time and possibly your first chance to grab a weekend away this year when it may be fine and sunny. (fingers crossed!)

It got us thinking about the hols and the perennial dilemma of what to pack when you’re grabbing a short break away. So here are a few tips and ideas we’ve had to help you enjoy your hard earned break without the sweat and in some style!

  • I’m a firm believer in the belief that if you have large luggage, you will inevitably fill it. Find yourself a smaller bag – one that will fit in an overhead locker, so avoiding hugely expensive baggage charges if you’re jetting off somewhere and it’ll save lots of time spent queuing too.

    Fair Trade leather overnight bag £95

  • Take some time to consider what the weather might be like; check it out via the Met Office 5 day forecast. Sounds obvious but it could save you hauling a load of useless stuff around.
  • If you need a waterproof, sweater, scarf, hat, sunnies & so on – wear them or keep them at hand – i.e. NOT packed away. Nothing beats a cashmere sweater or pashmina for warmth and lightness!
  • Keep trousers & jeans down to just one pair if you’re weekending – save the space for a variety of tops and keep it simple – a few plain ones that you can accessorise.
  • Put in a pretty dress or skirt that you can co-ordinate with the plainer tops.
  • Select some bright & interesting bits of jewellery that will complement your ‘plain-ish’ weekend outfits & add a bit of glam.
  • Think DAY and NIGHT – if you’ve a special dinner or a show planned, let that determine which shoes you’re taking.
  • Always take your comfy shoes or trainers – as shoes are my weakness I have had to learn to be really strict with myself! Day shoes/boots and evening shoes only although, don’t forget your flip-flops if you’re off to the sunshine as they weigh virtually nothing 🙂
  • Toiletries – a difficult one for me as I seem to have more lotions and potions than ever and like to take ALL my stuff with me! Lush solid shampoo bars are better than sliced bread and you can get a nifty little tin to put them in. You can also buy mini sized versions of lots of products nowadays or you can decant your own into smaller plastic containers. I’ve opted to go back to soap & flannel, but It is Mt Romance Sandalwood soap so I’m not being a martyr here!

    Mt Romance sandalwood soap £6

  • Keep the make-up down to cover-up, sunscreen, lippy & mascara – Especially if you’re going to be out & about in the UK – chances are you’re going to get windblown and interesting at some point!
  • Finally, pack like a pro and use stuff sacks – literally stuff your undies, tights, socks & swimwear into one, electrical gadgets & so into another and shoes in one more & you’ll save yourself a lot of time & grief sorting it all out when you could be off galivanting & enjoying your time away.

    Aquapac waterproof stuff-sacks £9-£13


Whatever you get up to, have a wonderful holiday!



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