Going for Gold

Our eternal fascination with all things gold remains. We love the stuff, can’t seem to get enough of it and this got me thinking…what is it that makes it so appealing? Does it remain desirable just because it always has Read more…

By Jodie & Vicki, ago

World Earth Day

Today is World Earth Day, actually this whole week has been World Earth Week, and that feels right as we should be working on this every day. This movement started back in 1970, and an impressive 20 million people across the Read more…

By Jodie & Vicki, ago

Brand Shout Out: Fikkerts

Fikkerts has been capturing the fragrance of an English country garden for over one hundred years. It has come a long way since it was first established by Mr Everard Carter. (pictured here with his wife Janet and only daughter Marjorie) but it remains very Read more…

By Jodie & Vicki, ago