All you need is love…

Whether you fall into the serious smooshfest or what a load of codswallop camp at least Valentine’s Day promotes something wonderful in life – LOVE – and next to health, we here at eclectica reckon it’s the MOST important thing there is.

The history of V-Day is interesting, and whilst these days it is pretty much seen as a bit of a commercial fest, it’s origins go way back – originating as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honouring one or more early saints named Valentinus.

Here in the UK the day first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. Later, in 18th-century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards…

…and if that’s your bag, we here at eclectica can help with that!

Here are some gorgeous goodies you can use to woo your one and only, or remind your favourite human that you think they are the bees knees. Or tell your Galentine or Palentine that they are totally rad!

All things heart shaped
You can quite literally wear your hearts on your sleeve, or ears with these gifts!

Jayley Heart Cardigan; Cute & preppy cardigan from Jayley. Made with cashmere & banana peel!

Circular Heart Pendant; Never ending love, this is a sweet little pendant and perfect for a gift for a special friend.

Létol Raoul Écharpe; Gorgeous coloured bands & love hearts seemingly scattered on a breeze.

Silver Heart Hook-Thru Earrings:  Some of our favourite jewellery, made in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. These earrings feature pretty clear crystal hearts.

Jayley Faux Fur Checkered Heart Bag;  The heart shape brings a sense of fun to any outfit whilst being actually large enough to hold all your essential items.


The colours long associated with Valentine’s Day are pink and red; pink is said to represent a pure/innocent love or a familial love, and red a more passionate love.

In the pink…

Mini Hand-Stitched Pennant; Display your love all year round with our selection of these cute mini penants.

Létol EscharpeThese unique jacquard scarves are designed and woven in an artisanal atelier in the South of France, made of organic cotton and washed with the famous ‘Savon de Marseille.

Fabulous Flamingo; from our selection of fun and quirky cards by illustrator Ladiebirdy.

Rose Gold Bangles & Earrings; From our collection of contemporary pieces by BodyBangle, made in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.

Love Bath Bombs; Nothing says (self) LOVE more than some me time in the tub. Made locally by DizzyCat these contain no nasties, and are made with love.

Pink Jasper Ring; Lovely delicate bands of pink across this stone. It’s super feminine and would make a wonderful token of love if gifted.

Jayley Faux Fur Triangle Bag; Bonkers and fun!

Ayala Bar EarringsGloriously feminine, Boho, chic style! The colours in these earrings just POP!

Pink Beret; From our selection our wool berets, this makes a chic statement.

Rosey Red..

Jackie Brazil Bangles; These chunky resin pieces pack a serious punch to an outfit.

Jayley Faux Fur Scarf; Super snug and seriously stylish.

Desigual Cummerband BeltLovely wide leather wrap around sash belt from Desigual. Red floral embroidery design & soft suede finish.

Konplott Spider Daisy NecklaceIf you were looking for something unusual & want to make a statement, look no further than this fantastically dramatic necklace!

Red Coral RingPrized by the Egyptians this is a ring with a story to tell.

Ruby Necklace; A classic gift for Valentine’s Day and those born in July; rich fruity red ruby.

Hand Stitched Heart; Handmade with love here in Ludlow this decorative heart speaks the words of love.

Special Post; From our selection of Kitchy & Co card, this little lamb has something special to say.

Lips bath bomb; From our selection of bath treats made locally by DizzyCat these contain no nasties, and are made with love.


And so wishing you all Happy Valentine’s! Let’s spread the love eclecticats! We can all do with some more love in our lives…BIG kiss





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