AND Blink!!!

This time five years ago Jodie & I were feeling a combination of huge excitement, anticipation and nervousness. We roped in besties to help paint & decorate, build changing rooms & counters and lend us furniture to fit out our new shop. We had stock which we loved and believed in and were hopeful some of you might too…We were tired – We worked incredibly hard for three weeks in a determined effort to open the doors of eclectica in time for Medieval Fayre weekend…

It feels simultaneously a lifetime ago and like only last week. Neither of us could think of where we might be in five months just then never mind five years. Sure, if you’d have asked, we’d have spoken confidently about our cunning plan to take over the world…We are ‘glass half full’ types, always optimistic, possibly a wee bit naïve but HEY! We’re still here And still smiling!

Some things have changed (our hair for one!) and lots have remained the same: New Landlord, BREXIT, then COVID hit…Some suppliers have come & gone. Many suppliers have remained and we’re very happy to have met some great people and built some wonderful business relationships.

What we couldn’t have anticipated and were nervous for, happened…We got some customers (YOU). And we got enough of you wonderful people who loved what eclectica is about to keep us going through all of the sometimes incredibly strange and challenging times during the first five years of our business. We’ve said it before but it bears repeating over & over…Without you, there is no eclectica and Jodie & I would have to come up with a cunning plan B THANK YOU!

Five years in we’re still full of anticipation for the future and excited about our shop. We’re loving what we’re doing, we love all you guys swinging by when you’re in town and yes, we are still smiling. We will be celebrating in suitable style this Medieval Fayre weekend.

We send our thanks and love to you all.

V & J


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