Jode’s here and I’m bursting with excitement to share something with you….

I recently had a colour analysis session with the lovely Debby from Practical Style. Now I must admit to being a tad skeptical at the start; my motto on colours has always been if you love it, wear it and didn’t relish the thought of someone telling me that hot pink washed me out and should be avoided with a bargepole! (I mean who would I give my beloved hot pink trews too?!)

The session with Debby couldn’t have be further from this misconception, she doesn’t ‘ban’ any colours but instead teaches you how you can wear them for maximum effect.

She started layering me up with a collar of colours from each season; Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter and within those there were variations from cool to warm.  We also had a look at how various shades of white and cream worked with my skin (who knew there were so many!) plus metallics.

It was a wonderful education in the way different colours and tones within the colour range(s) looked against my skin – especially as i’ve recently changed my hair colour (i’m seeing if blondes do indeed have more fun!) which has really altered the way in which colours work with my skin.

Debby got me considering colours that thus far have never featured in my wardrobe, such as dramatic greens, slate greys and even a peachy tone. Vicki’s verdict was that they looked seriously classy on me – i’ll definitely take that compliment!

As I mentioned earlier, Debby doesn’t ban colours , for example I realised as she held up the metallic swatches that a flat silver really washed me out with my newly pale hair. That doesn’t mean no more sparkles for Jodes, just that i’m better off keeping them away from my face, or break them up with the help of a scarf or statement necklace. So definitely no sad face!

The whole process was really enjoyable, not to mention incredibly fascinating! It has given me a new perspective on my wardrobe and has got me playing with some of my pieces in a different way.



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