I’m sure you’re all eager to discover more about this amazing brand so here you go! Firstly, Haris Cotton is a Greek brand and takes a lot of inspiration its origins, such as; Greek nature, civilisation and mythology. It was founded by Alexandros Tsougkranis and his wife Charikleia in 1975.

They use a lot of aquatic bold prints and ancient Greek patterns however they also create some very unique simple one-colour pieces. Their aims are to offer ‘high-end fashion styles using eco-friendly fabrics and dyes, in respect with nature’ as well as, this they create simplistic airy silhouettes to ‘respect diversity’.

Haris Cotton pride themselves in producing collections made of natural fabrics and dyes. They design two seasonal collections per year, contributing against fast fashion and allowing themselves time to search for sustainable materials and eco-friendly ways to produce all our garments.

The brand is a proud bearer of ISO 9001: 2015 and they commit to quality and are conscious of their environmental impact.



Haris cotton on Instagram captioned this picture with: ‘“natural artistry” a celebration of Greek culture embodied in a collection with modern aesthetics. Creative director Eva Tsougrani Sarri creates collections with a contemporary rustic feel inspired by her family’s ancestry, from the island of Crete.

The clothes feel effortless when worn, thanks to the understated designs and loose silhouettes.

If you’re interested in Haris Cotton’s products then please head over to our online shop or if you’re out and about in Ludlow stop by and pop in, we’d be happy to see you.

Blog written by: Lola Evans.


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