We thought it was about time that we share with you some of our thoughts on Desigual, the largest clothing label that we opted to stock.

We chose Desigual for a number of reasons – NOT just because we love it – but in part because as a brand, Desigual describe themselves as atypical and that “Everyone has something unique and different about them, and that’s what inspires us. We don’t create fashion, we create emotions

…and the word Desigual literally translates from the Spanish as ‘unequal’  which fundamentally ties in with the ‘be different’ ethos that we have here at eclectica.

The Desigual designs are bold and they are unafraid of colour and embellishment. Many of our current season pieces are sequinned and show off their signature mandala patterning or huge floral prints.

They aren’t shy of an unusual cut either with batwing sleeved light knit sweaters, or asymmetrical cut t’shirts. We love the way they play with fabric and introduce interesting textures – such as crocheted sleeves in jackets,  their dresses have ruches and flounces that make other labels seem staid and really rather ordinary in comparison.

It’s been fascinating to see and hear our customers’ comments on it over the past few months. Probably the most common thing we hear is:

WOW! That is gorgeous! It would look great on someone half my age/weight…”

This makes us a little bit sad, as a goodly number of our Desigual customers are older than me & Jodie. If ladies are up for a try on, they virtually always buy!

It’s incredible. Something happens when you put on a Desigual piece that’s almost like a genie being let out of a bottle – It’s fun, bright and makes us women feel good & often downright sexy!

There are a large and growing number of Desigual devotees who know this – know that if they put it on – it WILL do the magic and make them feel good.

This season we’ve selected a range of shapes and colours to enable as many of our lovely ladies to give it a try and join the world ‘where people dress differently‘ that Desigual founder Thomas Meyer envisioned when he launched the label back in 1984 – at just age 20!

So, next time you’re in, why not give a piece a try on or have a looksee online.

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