There’s that nip in the air, mornings start cold and crisp and as of yet only a watery warmth leaking from the sun…You know it’s time to get your warmer clothing out, but if like mine, your warmer wear is elderly, some what misshapen and just a tad past shabby chic why not treat yourself to a fresh fleece in the sales?

I love a jumper, me! My Dad doesn’t have jumpers though. He has an assortment of pullovers, sweaters, sweatshirts and ganzies. I asked him how come he calls all his jumpers different names and he’s got his own definition for each, based on weight, fabric, how ‘posh’ or casual they are. By the way, ganzy is Black Country dialect for a guernsey jumper or cardigan. Confusing isn’t it?! How did all these different names come about for what is essentially a ‘warm knitted over garment which covers the arms’? (Collins online dictionary). There are actually a goodly number of forums and online discussions on this topic if you’re wanting to follow it up at any point…

For the sake of clarity I’m going to stick with jumper and hopefully you’ll know what i’m talking about. There’s a LOT of choice in jumpers this season and we’ve got a few of these lovelies left we think will work for all our lovely eclecticats.

Heart Formosa Jumper

Heart Formosa Jumper – now £49

This is one of those super slouchy, cowl necked snuggly jumpers. It is designed to be a loose fit, is a shorter length and has flattering, feminine wide sleeves. It feels so soft to the touch and is a lovely boucle in purple heather colours. Jodie described it perfectly as the jumper equivalent of a comforting mug of hot chocolate with all the trimmings…

Desigual Amsterdam

Desigual Amsterdam Jumper – now £49

A longer length jumper which could be worn as a dress equally well. I’d pair with leggings and boots. Soft viscose fabric, lovely feel and drape. Bold primary red, blue & green tropical flower design with mustard yellow (SO this season!) gold threads and sequins. Elegant, funky and easypeasy to wear. My favourite…well, there is also..

Desigual Berlin

Desigual Berlin Jumper – now £49

A wonderfully flattering fine knit crossover style jumper. This fits slightly longer at the back and is perfecto for layering over a plain long sleeved tee or on its own if you want to show some sexy cleavage. Kaleidascope mandalas with pink and grey sequins – warming winning winter shades of mocha, deep reds, purple and oranges. another super soft viscose /polymide mix which is lovely to feel. Be tempted to try this one on as it does look a tad rubbish on the hanger.

Desigual Faz

Desigual Faz Jumper – now £49

I love this as its rather unusual and different. Blocks of greys, reds and pinks and three styles of knit – ribbed, plain stocking stitch and a decorative stocking stitch revealing either skin or base layer under 🙂 Simple round neck with slightly widening sleeves. This looks amazing with denim jeans on all shapes and sizes.

Desigual Libra

Desigual Libra Jumper – now £65

Tina Spaarkle!!! Want a posh jumper? then this is the one. Warm, cowl necked snuggliness with ever so sparkly metallic thread which somehow reminds me of a snowy evening. Just perfect for that cold winter they’ve promised us again…eek! (FYI; hand-wash in cold water but sparkles are SOO worth a bit of hand-washing!)

Desigual Txell

Desigual Txell Jumper – now £65

Last but by no means least this is elegance jumperfied! Balloon sleeves with exquisite floral embroidery. There are cheaper alternatives ont’ market but this screams quality. Soft as you like polyester, wool, polyamide mix which will go in the machine inside out at 30 or on wool wash. Simply beautiful.

Happy super-savings jumper shopping!



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